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While working a full time job, I became interested in real estate investing and started looking for a foreclosed home that I could buy, fix up and sell,  in order to raise some extra cash.  I did not start out with a million dollars or the “know-how”, I just did it and of course I made lots of mistakes.  I learned quite a bit along the way, even in hard times.  If you watch the “House Flipper”  TV shows, you see what troubles you can get into quickly.  I knew there must be a better way.

So I started my investing career looking a properties with realtors, but they didn’t understand what I was looking for or they were already working with an investor.  I finally bought my first deal after wearing out three realtors in six months of looking.  I sold my first house within three months for a tidy profit and this was in the late ’70s with double digit inflation.  I knew I was on the right track.  But I would need more houses than one every six months, if I was going to make a career of this while supporting a growing family.  So I expanded my knowledge of where to find and buy more houses.  Take a look at the results:

Sheriff Sales, these surely seemed like the Holy Grail!  I began working four different counties at one time, buying many houses without the real knowledge I needed.   There must be an easier way to find deals.  Next I tried estate auctions, and even probate deals, short-sales, “tired landlord lists”, and “cash for your home” bandit signs.  Considering the time spent, these were rarely worth the effort.  Each of these methods found a few good deals, but what I am going to tell you is much better!

Typical Ways to Buy Investment Properties and their problems:

  • Sheriff Sales – You can’t get into them legally.  There are possibilities of defective titles and potential IRS Liens.  It also takes a while for the confirmation and waiting period for closing.  I have waited as long as 365 days on some properties, before the deed was cleared up.  Another problem is that the minimum price is 2/3’s the appraisal value, which is usually too high a price for an investor.
  • MLS Properties –  Requires a super loyal realtor which is hard to find.
  • Estate/Probate Auctions – Takes a lot of time for one potential deal, it’s just not worth the time.  Courts tend to regulate the price.
  • Vacant Property & Out of State home owners.  Spent too much time and money  tracking down the owners.
  • Tired Landlords – Eviction Lists, not much success there either, most investors want top dollar.
  • We Buy Houses Signs – Brings in a few leads, but not that many.  Hard to get permission to post signs.
     The very best deals are the government auction sites

Who am I  I have been investing in real estate since the late 70s with all the ups and downs of the economy.  I have developed HudsDaily to create at a glance, all the counties interested in so I could find houses to bid on.  Have bought homes for resale for years using HudsDaily and it has truly made my business more efficient and profitable.  It gathers all the information into one place, making finding and buying HUD deals easier than ever.  Plus you never forget to look at whats coming up.  Just scroll through your HudsDaily email on your phone, the deals glare out at you. You will no longer miss a deal.  In fact your fellow investors will begin to wonder how they miss the deals, and you snatch it up.

Knowing all the facts in one place at one time makes for better buying.  This eliminates going to all sorts of spots on the internet, or driving out to find it isn’t in the right area, or looking up all the different government sites for upcoming sales and more.  The price is right, you can’t beat this easy to see at a glance system!  It’s what you need to successful.

So what does it cost?  To get you trying HudsDaily we will give you your first county free for 30 days.  Try it out, see what you think.  A monthly subscription fee is only $9.99 per month for 1 county with a three month minimum.  You can add additional counties for just $5.00 each per month.  There is a 3 month minimum and we bill you quarterly via PayPal.  No contract.  To try HudsDaily  just complete the subscription form and we’ll get you started on your way to a profitable real estate foreclosure investment business!

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